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FluentRussia’s customized online General English course will improve every aspect of your English so that you can communicate effectively with English speakers in Russia and from across the globe.

Our approach is to provide a stimulating and highly interactive online environment in which you can develop your language skills. Online lesson content concentrates on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. In each class, you will work on developing and improving all language skill areas, with a focus on active communication in real life situations. All in conjunction with free speaking practice and free access to EasyConnection--our e-learning video and resource social learning platform.

40 Individual Classes: Rubles



The FluentRussia group of companies teaches Business English to the personnel of over 100 international and Russian companies throughout Russia. Let us show you how we do it. And, check out our references.

FluentRussia’s customized online Business English course will teach you how to communicate in English in business surroundings: We advance your business skills and expand your English vocabulary in specialized areas. Visiting a British client, negotiating with an Italian supplier, dinner with a German partner, solving a product return with a Chinese manufacturer.

Expertly and professionally. Think about it, isn’t that something you’ve wanted to master for a long time? In accordance with the growing needs for speaking English in business and social situations, FR has developed a wide range of English workshops to build communication skills, leadership skills and English for banking, law and finance, sales and other industries and professions. Our Business English courses also help our students with negotiating strategies, presentations, participating in meetings, job interviews, or writing business reports and emails.

40 Individual Classes: 0000 Rubles



Could you take part in a conference call in English with lawyers across three jurisdictions? Could you summarize in English the findings of a due diligence process for a client who just wants the essential facts.

An FR customized online English for Lawyers courses will provide you with:

  • More confidence explaining Russian points of law in English;
  • More effective and accomplished representation for your company or law firm;
  • Greater awareness of how to correct your own use of legal English;
  • Enhanced English editing and drafting skills; and
  • Improved presentation and negotiation skills when using legal English.

40 Individual Classes: 0000 Rubles



Good English writing skills will significantly enhance your image and increase your confidence.

FR’s online Effective Writing courses will help you to communicate more clearly and concisely in written English. An integrated approach to grammar will help develop your understanding of sentence structure. You will also enhance your skills by becoming familiar with the tense system and improving how you select appropriate vocabulary.

This course provides clear, concise instruction on every form of business writing, from traditional business letters, reports, and memos to e-mail and other electronic communications. The course emphasizes the proposition that effective business English begins with mastering grammar and sentence structure, and presents a brush-up review of grammar and correct English usage.

40 Individual Classes: 0000 Rubles



A great fear that many of us have is speaking before a group or audience. The primary reason is that they are afraid of looking foolish in front of other people. The way to overcome this fear is through preparation and a positive attitude toward the audience.

This FR customized online course is intended to assist Russian-speaking management personnel (and others) wishing to speak in public in English to small groups of business colleagues, supervisors or other interested groups. The Course provides the essential elements and some tips on preparing and organizing a successful oral presentation in English. This Course is divided into several sections, each one being based on a particular point which is important to think about in preparing for and giving an oral presentation in English.

The first deals with preparation and planning, the most important stage. The second deals with the structure of the presentation and necessary language. The third speaks about visuals and how to make the best use of them. The fourth discusses how to create interest and establish and maintain a relationship with the audience. The fifth deals with body language and, finally, the sixth contains a few comments on using one's voice effectively and the correct pronunciation.

20 Individual Classes: 0000 Rubles



So, how do you prepare for an interview with a company that thinks it’s cool and asks off the wall questions…in English? As it turns out, most companies will not ask the more common interview questions like “What are your strengths?” and “What are your weaknesses?”—but it’s important that you prepare well for these as well.

This FR customized online course will help you land the job you want. Understand the best ways to create a good first impression and navigate the interview, as well as handle the tricky questions and identify the unlawful ones. Plus, learn how to assess your own performance, thank the company for their time, and follow up on a decision. Topics include:

  • Understanding interview formats;
  • Anticipating questions and preparing answers;
  • Researching potential employers;
  • Establishing good body language in the interview;
  • Reviewing your performance; and
  • Answering questions using the Situation-Action-Result method

20 Individual Classes: 0000 Rubles



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