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The .beconnected Platform

Discover how FLUENTRUSSIA gets you actually
speaking English: Confidently and Effectively

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We offer a radically different and
innovative approach to online English
language training. All online courses
include unlimited free speaking
practice and free access, 24/7,
to our .beconnected English social learning platform.

____ FLUENTRUSSIA gets you actually
speaking English - not just studying

What if almost everything you thought you knew about learning to speak English was wrong?

As the fastest growing language training company in the country, FLUENTRUSSIA is leading the revolution in online English language instruction: With awesome online teachers and state- of-the art
educational technology, we get you speaking English quickly and cost effectively.

And, we know that a great teacher and online materials are still not enough to get you speaking English. We know that you can't really learn to speak English without speaking English. And we get you speaking English through daily opportunities for English speaking practice. At no additional cost.


Live online interactive English language
instruction featuring customized training
with inspiring instructors with significant
online teaching experience;


Unlimited free English speaking
practice - in-person and online;


Unlimited, 24/7, free access to
FLUENTRUSSIA's innovative .beconnected
English social learning platform,
featuring interactive video channels, webinars, self-
study opportunities and daily smartphone
notifications to pick up useful English
language tips while on the go;


Free business communication skills
master classes in- person and online,
archived and available for viewing
whenever and wherever;


Free English language-oriented events and
activities featuring opportunities to practice
speaking English with business colleagues,
friends and the FLUENTRUSSIA English-
speaking community.

Fluent Russia is about much more than just learning to speak English effectively.

FR is actually about life. Your life. And, with FR, the whole world is your English-speaking classroom.

FR provides Russian English learners instructor-guided online English language, communication skills and career development training with live online classes. And, with our social learning platform, we've adopted the newest in educational technology to provide students, 24/7, authentic English learning content and resources that can be access for free when and where you want. And, most importantly, great English language- oriented activities and, of course, lots of opportunities for free English speaking practice. Also, free of charge.

All FR courses are specifically designed for Russian-speaking, English learners: We know how to get you speaking English quickly and cost- effectively.

And it's social and we don't mean just posting your progress on Facebook. We mean social for real - the complete opposite of trying to learn English entirely on your own: The awesome FR community of supportive English learners keeps you motivated and enthused through our live conversation clubs, activities and events and online through our video and chat social learning platform. ed.

This year, commit to speaking English.

When you approach online English language training from a new angle, you can do some really cool things. FR's innovative educational technology allows us to individualize your online course. But great technology isn't enough. You can't learn English if you just study on your own. Without a great teacher/coach and without really practicing your new English language skills, it's useless. Don't believe otherwise. At FR, all online English courses are instructor-led and focus on speaking English with colleagues, friends and the FR community.

FR really gets you speaking English by giving you opportunities throughout the day to actually practice speaking English - for free: Unlimited speaking practice - online and at our many live events. And, we've created a vibrant English-speaking community so that you can take on the adventure of learning and actually speaking English with like-minded friends and colleagues.

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Russia, Moscow, Suschyovsky Val Street, 43с2