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In-person, online and mobile language
training for companies, large groups
and government personnel.

Corporate language training just got smarter,
faster and more affordable.

Powered by awesome teachers and the
beconnected English social learning platform.

FLUENTRUSSIA.dialog is reinventing corporate language training in Russia.

We combine classroom and live online English instruction with innovative state-of- the art educational technology. We offer free English speaking practice, free business communications skills training, free English-speaking social events and activities as well as free self-study and revision through your company’s customized English social learning platform. beconnected is a state-of- the art, wherever and whenever learning solution available to all FR students. Free of charge.

FLUENTRUSSIA’s customized corporate language training programs-- for individuals, mini-groups, executives and key talent—are available for companies in all industries and sectors and throughout Russia and abroad. We offer the best of in-person and live online training in an English-speaking environment delivering a long-lasting return on your company’s training investment.

We analyze the language skills your personnel need and enable them to achieve their objectives through customized and effective language and communication skills training. We offer the reliability that comes with being the largest provider of corporate language services in Russia and our extensive experience in successfully providing cost-effective training for more than one hundred Russian and international organizations throughout Russia.

We take great care to ensure that everything we deliver is relevant to our clients’ needs and objectives, which means taking the time to understand them. We put in place clear objectives and measure progress against these standards to ensure that leaners reach their goals.

No pre-packaged courses, no generic methods - courses truly designed for your company and students.

We blend in-person and online instruction with creative educational technology powered by beconnected: a client-customized, English social learning platform that delivers 24/7 multi- channel interactive educational programming and a wide array of self- study English learning resources for all proficiency levels.

FR also recognizes that eighty per cent of language learning is lost after thirty days without steady reinforcement. With this in mind, we emphasize continuous English speaking and writing practice and also extend each course with six-month platform access to ensure that knowledge is used and not left behind in the classroom.

The realities of corporate language training
We’re the largest provider of corporate language and communication skills training in Russia with over 100 Russian and international clients located throughout the country. We’ll always tell you the truth even if it means risking the loss of a potential client.
Reality # 1: It’s simply impossible to learn to speak English (or any other language) if your students just attend classes and do nothing else.
Reality # 2: Without consistent English speaking practice, opportunities, 24/7, for online revision and self-study and participation in English-speaking activities--that is, a meaningful involvement in English learning- -your company’s English training program won’t be effective. Don’t believe otherwise and don’t waste your company’s training budget.
So, if all you want is for English teachers to show up for the lowest price possible, be prepared for inevitably poor results.

Proven Results,
Measurable ROI
We immerse your students in an English learning and speaking environment.
We maintain a focus on the individual and his or her English communication needs while linking training to your company’s business objectives, delivering a higher ROI in terms of human capital development, productivity, international teamwork and talent retention.
We're the corporate language provider of more than one hundred Russian and international companies and 7,000 students all over Russia. Our students acquire and use critical English language skills quickly. But don’t take just take our word for it: Call our clients and learn what we’ve done for them and what we can do for you. Download our whitepaper on determining ROI in language training.
Cost effective:
Value for money
We provide classroom and live online language training in conjunction with an extensive array of free “out of the classroom” English learning and speaking social events and activities. A truly blended learning experience.
Our out of the classroom English-speaking activities (including free English speaking practice, free communication skills master classes, free access to a client-dedicated English social learning platform and free English-speaking events and activities) are essential components of our English training programs.
We do all of this at a very fair price. Learn More.
Customized corporate language training
There is no “one size fits all” corporate language training program, whether your personnel are studying English in the classroom or live online. Every company is different and so are its personnel’s English training needs.
We design each course around your company and industry’s specific needs, using our expertise and business experience to customize the course structure, objectives and content. Learn More.
In-person and live online instruction
We’re the only language training provider in Russia that excels in providing both in-person classroom and online English instruction for corporate clients and we do so throughout the country: we are now the language partner of more than one hundred Russian and international corporate clients and work with more than 7,000 students all over the country.
We’re the foremost single-source language training provider in Russia and can meet all of your company’s language and communication skills training needs.
The beconnected English social learning platform
Collaborating with other students through FR’s English-speaking communities is a fundamental part of language learning and allows students to exchange, share and become better informed.
And, beconnected enables your students to consolidate, enrich and practice their English language skills with four channels of FRTV, podcasts and wide array of English learning resources, available 24/7 and free of charge. Learn More.

Awesome teachers
Without a great teacher, you won’t learn English or any other language. We carefully evaluate candidates based on teaching abilities (such as classroom and live online teaching techniques) and communication skills (such as encouraging students to speak) and their professional backgrounds. After passing this evaluation, all English instructors must also complete a training course and then pass a practical evaluation.
Our Russian and native-speaking English teachers are the best: young, energetic, accessible and certainly not like the teacher you remember from school. They are also natural conversationalists and pros in getting their students to actually speak English. Learn more.
It’s all about speaking English –
and not just studying English
Our approach recognizes that learning to speak English cannot be effective if students just attend classes or study online. Learning to speak English requires actually speaking English. Whenever and wherever you can.
FR provides your personnel numerous opportunities throughout the day, every day, to actually speak English—in- person and live online through your company’s dedicated English social learning platform. Learn More.
Out of the classroom English speaking events and activities
In addition to many English-speaking activities open to all FR English language students, we provide, at no additional charge, special English-speaking events exclusively for your company’s personnel in Moscow and in the regions: conversation clubs, movie nights, communications skills classes and much more.
Go Digital
Available anytime, anywhere
On any device
We’re the only language training provider in Russia that emphasizes and utilizes innovative educational technology in all aspects of language training. FR’s state-of-the-art technology provides classroom and online English learners a unique and complementary digital English learning experience.
Moreover, we understand how to make technology specifically relevant to the unique English training needs of your company. We empower your personnel to learn English, anytime, anywhere and on any device. Learn More.
We’re all over Russia.
And Abroad.
We have the proven experience and capability to deliver in-person and live online language training programs for corporate clients with personnel at multiple locations throughout the country and abroad, including Austria, China and Kazakhstan.
We currently provide multi-city, English language training throughout Russia for ten Russian and international companies. Learn More.
Customized student assessment and real-time class access and reporting
We provide detailed student progress reports and evaluations in a client-customized format and as determined by our clients’ HR and Training and Development professionals. With one click, you can see how well a student’s language training is going.
Through the beconnected HR /L&D portal, clients can evaluate, assess and clearly understand, students’ proficiency levels, assessments for future study, class attendance statistics (as well as online self-study and participation in FR events.) Or, simply drop in and join a live class in real time (or watch a recorded class at a later time.)
English language newsletters and daily language tips
We email students a DAILY FLUENTRUSSIA Minute ( – – bite-sized tips of learning content including grammar usage, communication skills tips, Word of the Day and FR lifestyle events.
We also email students a semi-monthly English language lifestyle newsletter ( and the monthly newsletter “Focus…on Business English.”
Instant Coaching/Help Line
Why wait for a lesson? Instant coaching brings real-time language feedback and support right to the workplace.
English intsructors are available 24/7 to handle English learning and course related issues. Instant coaching and our English help lines are available via beconnected platform– anytime, anywhere.
A complete training solution:
Classroom and online instruction
Entrust all your company’s language training needs to a single provider and make your life easier. We’re the only language training provider in Russia that excels in providing both classroom and live online English (and other) language instruction.
We’re the single-source provider for all your company’s language and communication skills training. Learn More.