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FLUENTRUSSIA’s Business English language training meets the demands of the real business world—whether your personnel is working in Russia or anywhere in the world.

All of the benefits of FR’s General English courses are provided--including, of course, our free speaking practice-- with a focus on the specific Business English skills your company’s students need. All courses are designed with materials intended to develop your students’ industry business vocabulary and related business communication skills.

So, if your company requires Business English training that is truly focused on the particular needs of your business, then you should consider FR’s range of customized Business English courses: Whatever your students’ proficiency level and whether they are at a fairly early stage in their business career or more experienced managers, FR’s Business English courses, programs and workshops will improve your personnel’s English language and professional skills-- in your specific business’ context-- in the shortest possible time.

Of course, not all businesses and industries are the same. So FR’s Business English courses are flexible to reflect your company’s needs: Our objective is always to give your students English speaking, writing and comprehension skills that they can use immediately and effectively.

Our Business English classes and courses will improve your students’ confidence when speaking and communicating in English with other native and non-native English speakers in a business context. They will develop and refine their written communication skills as well as expand and enhance their overall vocabulary and fluency. Courses focus on real business situations and topics that professionals and managers encounter in their professional life, when they need to communicate clearly and powerfully - when they need to concentrate on what they are saying, not on how to say it in English.

Our Business English courses will improve your students’ English communication skills in a variety of business contexts and extend their active vocabulary and expressions, sector terminology, as well as covering more general English topics and skills. The courses cover the following language communication skills, that are further defined after a Training Needs Analysis in consultation with the client’s HR and L&D personnel:

  • Speaking with clients and colleagues to develop clear and powerful communication skills and in particular how to alter the 'tone' and 'register' of what you say;

  • Case Studies: use and application of specific realistic situations faced by professionals in your sector to extend vocabulary and practice all four English communication skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening). These skills are practiced and refined using authentic case studies from your specific profession;

  • Function and Form: to add language flexibility and accuracy, e.g., specific areas of vocabulary and synonyms, coaching in grammar and structure;

  • Effective Telephoning, Meetings and Conference Calls: to increase spoken confidence and listening comprehension with native and non-native speakers of English. This aspect of our courses also include communication skills training, e.g., Effective Presentations, Negotiation Skills and Intercultural Awareness; and

  • Correspondence and Reports: learn to use clear writing styles and improve written comprehension for email, reports and other business documents in English.

We believe the result of any English language course should be an improvement not only in your students’ knowledge of English, but more importantly, in their application and use of the language: to speak and communicate in English confidently, whether in a meeting, on the telephone, giving a presentation, or writing an email. The fastest and most effective method to develop confidence and accuracy is 'learning by doing'.

Your online classes with your teacher/coach not only deal with practicing and correcting expression and style, the use of vocabulary and of grammar, but also emphasize the application of English to real business situations and to your job through simulations, case studies, role-plays and authentic materials.