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Online Communication Skills Bootcamp

Text messaging, emails, the Blackberry—there’s no shortage of ways to communicate quickly in the Digital Age. But what happens face-to-face when you need to find the right words and communicate them in the right way?

Let’s face it: there’s no substitute for in person, one-on-one communication, and having the skills to master such interactions is crucial for both business and personal success. This unique, online course is designed to give you a strong foundation in essential communication skills and competencies. Through practice sessions and role plays, you’ll be on your way to developing the confidence and communication know-how you need to establish yourself in the business world—and keep moving ahead throughout your career.

  • Optimize communication skills you already have;
  • Get strategies to better assimilate verbal information;
  • Effectively interpret the knowledge you hear;
  • Improve work relationships and reduce misunderstandings;
  • Communicate clearly and appropriately—and with greater confidence;
  • Choose the right words even in difficult circumstances; and
  • Expand your influence and be recognized for your skills.

What You Will Cover

Assessing Your Communication Skills

  • Understanding the skills you already possess; and
  • Assessing your effectiveness and identifying improvement areas;

Developing Your Listening Competencies

  • Defining the competencies of effective listening;
  • Identifying the different components of the information you’re hearing;
  • How to take a more active role when listening; and
  • Increasing comprehension through mental openness and feedback.

Increasing Cognitive Skills to Promote Comprehension

  • Discerning, analyzing and evaluating;
  • Visual aspects of verbal communication;
  • Relating information productively to your own experiences;
  • Creating mental cross-references between old and new information; and
  • Framing statements and discussions.

Roadmap for Clearer Communication

  • Understanding effective body language and appropriate word choice;
  • Finding mutual connections or similarities to enhance communication;
  • Controlling emotions and establishing the right tone of voice;
  • Storytelling with imagery, passion and evocative language; and
  • Creating a personal action plan

Who Should Attend

Early and mid-career professionals or anyone interested in enhancing their fundamental verbal communication skills, including coordinators, specialists, analyst, consultants, associate managers and project managers and leadership-track administrative professionals.