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Leading with Impact

Purpose: To show participants through online and instructor tutorials how to positively influence others and situations, maximize the positive impression they create and acquire a positive and confident presence.

Objective: By the end of this online course, including live instructor tutorials, participants will have a toolkit founded on justified confidence and authentic values to create the impact they want and the presence they should.

Overview: We all need to create impact and presence. We all need to know how to engage people, show credibility and gravitas and maintain interest and attention. That’s what this training is about. And our method? Increasing confidence; developing the communication skills to allow rapport building with the people we want to influence; understanding the importance of and living the values that matter.

The emphasis is on the practical and the training is in two distinct sections: 1) delivering your message effectively and knowing the right mental attitude, vocal tone and body linguistics to create impact; and 2) Practicing the right mental and physical behaviors to develop personal presence.

Course Content includes:


A close look at what creates Impact, what takes it from a “gift” to a “skill” and the way it affects those around us consciously or not.

  • Authenticity and Values: Getting “real” about what drives us. Becoming truly authentic in our professional behavior. Understanding how to pick up on the values of others.
  • Audience : Recognizing what has the best effect on the recipients of your communication. Seeing things from the audience’s point of view.
  • Energy: Finding the level of energy necessary to show appropriate passion towards your audience, and to achieve greatest impact.
  • PRESENCE The importance of understanding who you are (or appear to be) in the eyes of your colleagues and clients. And, once you know what you appear to be like from the outside, carrying that awareness with you into any room.
  • Pressure: Managing the effects that pressure (internal and external) have on your presence in a room. Knowing your “triggers” and those of others.
  • Body Language : Saying less while conveying more and doing it with more control. We’ll show participants the power of Body Language.
  • Voice: Key aspects of effective voice control and projection.
  • Rapport: Connecting genuinely with others. This starts with authenticity, is essential for good networking, and is a vital factor in business success.
  • Practice: Practice is the only way to gain confidence and achieve real change.
  • Participants will have many opportunities during the day to practice different learned techniques.

Through the lenses of emotional intelligence, values and trust this course enables leaders to further develop their self-awareness, practice their leadership styles, discover how to motivate and engage teams in new ways, communicate better, build empathy and rapport with their colleagues, give feedback, take feedback, develop personal resilience, listen... or to put it another way - be better at leading.