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Produce English-language documents that any reader can easily understand and that achieve your intended results.

This FR online course is specifically designed for Russian business professionals. You will learn an overall approach to and practical techniques for creating effective business documents while focusing on applying correct English grammar, usage, and syntax. The ability to write in English, the language of global commerce, is essential to success in business today.

How You Will Benefit

  • Assert your purpose in a document using the appropriate English tone and style;
  • Write and organize effective paragraphs expressing yourself clearly and precisely in English;
  • Recognize and write effective English sentences;
  • Distinguish and apply correct English grammar and usage;
  • Revise and edit English language documents professionally; and
  • Differentiate commonly confused words and terms.

What You Will Cover

  • Select the elements appropriate for each type of document;
  • Describe the importance of knowing your audience;
  • Define and apply the qualities of a good paragraph—emphasis, unity, coherence, and variety;
  • Recognize various principles for ordering paragraphs and select the best one for a specific purpose;
  • Apply basic parts of sentences—subjects and predicates for better style;
  • Apply basic principles of English grammar, usage, and vocabulary
  • Use correct punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, and number formats; and
  • Action planning.

Learning Objectives;

  • Write and Organize Effective Paragraphs;
  • Recognize and Write Effective English Sentences;
  • Recognize and Apply Correct English Grammar and Usage; and
  • Revise and Edit Documents Professionally.

The Document Level

  • Name Six Types of Documents and Their Purpose;
  • Select the Elements Appropriate for Each Type of Document;
  • Describe the Importance of Knowing Your Audience;
  • Describe the Steps in the Writing Process;
  • Write a Well-Structured Work-Related Document; and
  • State Special Considerations for Writing E-mails.

The Paragraph Level

  • Define and Apply the Qualities of an Effective Paragraph—Emphasis, Unity, Coherence;
  • Recognize Various Principles for Ordering Paragraphs and Select the Best One for a Specific Purpose;
  • Recognize and Use Structural Elements to Aid Reader’s Comprehension;
  • Analyze and Improve Your Writing at the Paragraph Level; and
  • Write a Well Structured Work-Related Document.

The Sentence Level

  • Apply Basic Parts of Sentences—Subjects and Predicates;
  • Avoid Common Sentences Errors;
  • Employ Concepts of Sentence Variety for Better Style; and
  • Critique and Edit Your Own Work at the Sentence Level.

The Word Level

  • Apply Basic Principles of English Grammar and Usage at the Word Level;
  • Employ Correct English Vocabulary;
  • Write an Articulate Work-Related Document; and
  • Critique and Edit Your Own Work at the Word Level

Polish and Power

  • Use Correct Punctuation, Capitalization, Abbreviations, and Number Formats
  • Write Concisely;
  • Apply Principles of “Linguistic Etiquette”; and
  • Revise for Completeness, Unity, and Coherence.