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At FR, we take into account the global challenges you face as a Human Resources manager and develop the English language skills you need to perform in a variety of work situations, including: interviewing applicants, evaluating appraisals, participating in meetings, discussing performance and reward and managing employee relations.

We give you the specific language you need to communicate confidently in HR related scenarios and in meetings, presentations and networking events.In today’s globalized marketplace, companies are increasingly looking to improve the efficiency of core HR practices right across the spectrum. From recruitment and retention processes, talent management to training and development processes, these areas are becoming more and more centralized. To facilitate this change, HR Professionals not only need to become skilled at understanding all HR processes, they need to understand how to communicate specific HR terminology and methodology in effective business English.

Turning Theory into Practice

This course encourages participants to share ideas and experiences in order to facilitate the development of communication skills in relevant Human Resources situations and contexts. The program will be based around the needs of the participants, developing language skills through discussion, role-plays, presentations, vocabulary development, language analysis, negotiation practice all in the context of the core functions of an HR Professional.

Practical language skills will be developed in the following contexts:

Understanding the Role of HR

  • The concept of the company organigram in English;
  • Facilitated discussion about place and role of HR in your company/country;
  • Staff planning; and
  • Succession planning.

Enhancing Recruitment Processes

  • Advertising for maximum ROI accurately in English.
  • Establishing objectives and pre-planning.
  • Identifying the best candidates through effective CV screening.
  • Interviewing approaches and techniques: recruitment, exit interviews and critical incidents.
  • Establishing terms and conditions of service in English. and
  • Introducing successful Induction processes.

Achieving an Empowered and Motivated Workforce

  • Improving staff motivation through effective use of appraisal systems;
  • Conducting constructive appraisal interviews;
  • Constructing staff development plans;
  • Negotiating performance based salaries: the win-win scenario;
  • Providing 360° feedback for maximum effect;
  • Using Emotional intelligence in conflict management;
  • Conducting targeted employee surveys.

Successful Employment Practice

  • Analyzing cultural aspects of employment;.
  • Assessing the challenges of employing globally;
  • Determining conditions of service;
  • Formulating employment contracts in English;
  • Monitoring employees’ conduct.

Implementing Corporate Wide Training Strategies

  • Conducting corporate needs analysis;
  • Developing a strategic corporate wide training plan in English;
  • Developing a consultancy approach to sell the strategy in the organization;
  • Implementing the strategy; and
  • Applying project management tools for planning.

The Art of Downsizing/rightsizing

  • Managing change and resistance to change;
  • Developing consultation processes and collaborative relationship; and.
  • Handling the redundancy process.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Identifying corporate culture;
  • What to do when cultures clash;
  • Successfully integrating HR processes and systems; and
  • Introducing job rotation.

Language Development

  • Grammar review
  • Tense review
  • Vocabulary development
  • Language for meetings and negotiations
  • Persuading, presenting, negotiating, questioning techniques, influencing skills, expressing opinions

Benefits to you:

  • Improving your understanding of all HR processes.
  • Developing your ability to communicate technical HR terminology in English.
  • Benchmarking your processes with other HR professionals.
  • Advancing your English oral and writing skills in expressing business arguments in an HR context. and
  • Fast tracking the development in your overall language ability.