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English for IT and Telecommunications Professionals

Globalization has resulted in increased demands on IT and telecom managers and their departments to communicate simply and clearly in English. Moreover, as IT managers move beyond technology management and expand into the business of IT, they must now be able to communicate convincingly on strategy, marketing, staffing, suppliers, service portfolio and investment.

FR’s English for IT and Telecommunications Professionals course has been specifically designed to help today's IT Professionals explain technical and operational issues not only to the non-specialist client but also at a cross-departmental level. The course helps you communicate ideas in meetings and presentations whether you are describing a new process or justifying a change in budget, presenting new architectures or showcasing strategic value. We identify your role within the organization and focus on what you need to say as a key player.

We recognize you are the expert in IT but focus on the scenarios in which you will use your English. The areas that you can expect to cover during a typical course are as follows:

  • Simplifying complex technical language and communicating your key message to non-specialists;
  • Comparing and contrasting multiple technologies while emphasizing their relative advantages and disadvantages;
  • Identifying technical problems and evaluating options;
  • Advising and presenting innovative solutions clearly and coherently;
  • Mentoring team members and building team rapport;
  • Giving instructions to your team;
  • Asking targeted questions to get the exact information you need
  • Describing technical processes and architectures;
  • Presenting statistical information, describing trends and making forecasts; and
  • Explaining the role of IT within the business plan and convincing other senior managers of how IT initiatives can contribute to the change agenda.