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The goal of FLUENTRUSSIA’s standard English Course is to help students use English with accuracy and confidence. Students improve their general English language skills and, just as importantly, they learn how to be better communicators, how to use English in different situations, how to interact with people from different cultures, and how to be better language learners.

FR’s General English classes concentrate on improving every aspect of their English language and communication skills proficiency. Our approach is to provide a stimulating and highly- interactive online environment in which your personnel will quickly and effectively develop their English speaking, writing and comprehension skills.

At FR, we know that it is extremely difficult to learn English by simply attending classes once or twice a week—no matter how great the teacher and no matter how conscientious a student you may be. And students can never really learn to speak English by just studying English. No matter how much they study. They need to actually practice speaking English. And keep practicing. And we give you these opportunities. At no additional charge.

Course Objectives

  • Language Skills: improve skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing;
  • Language Knowledge and Accuracy: learn, practice, and review English grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary;
  • Cultural Awareness: develop cultural awareness and understanding;
  • Intercultural Communication: examine different cultures’ communication styles and be sensitive to these differences; become a better intercultural communicator; and
  • Real English in Use: learn conventional expressions, idioms, and phrases – and when to use them.

Key Features

  • Multiple Levels: students are placed in a level based on our free placement exam; students can progress from one level to the next after they show a mastery of the level’s student learning outcomes;
  • Student Assessment: students are frequently assessed and receive reports on their progress;
  • Teacher Feedback: students receive frequent feedback from their instructors;
  • Practical Projects and Presentations: students apply their language skills and get practice using English by doing interesting projects and presentations.

At FR we offer our dynamic English language classes in close conjunction with our interactive English social learning platform (.beconnected) and numerous “out of the classroom” English language learning activities--free of charge opportunities for your personnel to actively use the English language skills they have studied and acquired. These include:

  • Over twenty opportunities a week to actually practice speaking English at live and online Conversation Clubs and FR activities and events where English is spoken;
  • Use our unique Video platform to connect with our English-speaking community all over Russia and Europe and practice your English with like-minded men and women;
  • The FR interactive e-learning platform and mobile apps that deliver great English content to your computer, tablet or smartphone, 24/7;
  • English Communication Skills Master Classes;
  • Our English language newsletters: the daily FLUENT RUSSIA MINUTE, the semi-monthly “theHeadsUp” and monthly “Focus…on Business English.”; and
  • 24/7 English Language Help Line for English language questions that “just can’t wait”.