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Mini Group

Small class sizes for more individual attention

With so much international business communication now in English improving your skills in English can provide an invaluable boost to your confidence and professionalism. In our mini-groups, you will:

More individual attention
In a FR mini group, you will benefit from more individual contact with your teacher. Getting even more guidance, attention and feedback are all specific advantages of a Mini Group course.

Flexible and personal
Fewer class members allow lessons to take a natural flow. As you feel an increased sense of participation and motivation, your course will adapt to cover the language areas and skills that you need to focus on.

Gain fluency quickly
The flexibility of our teachers plus a small class size means you will progress faster. Lots of engagement means you will improve your response time, which is essential for fluency.

Gain confidence
In a smaller group you will enjoy stronger relationships within your class. Your confidence will grow as you have more opportunities to interact with your classmates and teacher.


We keep our classes small, social, and interactive—so you’re always ready to strike up a conversation. Yes, even in the real world.