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We offer no-compromise, high-end English training.

Our English language and communication skills training and executive coaching are custom-designed programs for ambitious Russian executives, professionals and others who desire success in the global economy. Our courses are not your typical “twice a week and no homework”- type English classes; rather, they require the participant’s serious involvement in the English language learning process. You don’t learn to speak English by osmosis—only by doing it. And that takes time and effort.

We understand that when it comes to English training, Russian businessmen and women have very specific and unique learning objectives. Often these objectives require highly flexible class scheduling, multiple and/or industry-expert native-speaking instructors, focused English speaking or writing practice, pronunciation practice and instructor-accompanied overseas travel. For these reasons, we tailor each program and course according to the participant’s specific needs taking into account his or her position, English proficiency level and length of the proposed program.

You will work with highly-experienced and talented native-speaking English instructors: professionals expert in teaching Business English, Specialist English and Communication Skills specifically to Russian learners. In addition to our talented Moscow-based team, we employ experienced instructors from the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada for specific periods and courses, professionals who ably complement our local instructional team. Finally, we have ready access to native English-speaking businessmen in Moscow--men and women who are not English teachers but, nevertheless, provide an invaluable contribution to your English program.

In addition to relevant content from business resources such as the Harvard Managementor, the Financial Times and the Economist, instructors will utilize, as appropriate, your own English language content--that is, documents and materials that you’re working with on a daily basis. By doing so, we further immerse you in a “real-life” English learning environment.

We pride ourselves on being the premium language, business skills and executive coaching service in Russia for individuals who need to quickly and effectively increase their English proficiency. Our customized in-person and online programs are ideal for motivated English learners who are ready to take their English training seriously.


We’ll always tell you the truth even if it means that we may lose you as a client.

Reality # 1: It’s impossible to learn to speak English effectively if you just attend classes and do nothing else. Without consistent English speaking practice, 24/7 online revision, self-study opportunities and participation in English-speaking activities -- that is, a meaningful involvement with English learning -- your English program won’t be effective.

Don’t believe otherwise and don’t waste your money by just going to classes. If all you want is an English teacher to show up twice a week, we're not for you.

It’s really all about speaking English and not just studying English.

Reality # 2: Our approach recognizes that learning to speak English can never be effective if you just attend classes or study online. Learning to speak English requires actually speaking English. Whenever and wherever you can.

All our courses give you numerous opportunities throughout the day, every day, to actually speak English—in-person and live online through our award-winning English social learning platform. We get you speaking English during your course. Since you won’t learn to speak English without speaking English.


Language Training

Communication Skills Training

“We’ve worked with executive english/russia both in an English language training and communication skills capacity for nearly three years. It’s value lies in the company’s integrity, professionalism and effectiveness.”

— Sergei Andropov, Managing Director of a major international energy company with offices throughout Russia.

"I've always had a feeling that I was destined to do great things internationally. And somehow my fear of English just seemed to get in the way. exective English/russia has built me up, made me speak and feel stronger, and my new job has a European-focus. I'm ready for it!"

- Alina Platarinova, Economist with one of Russia’s leading petrochemical company