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Building meaningful, worthwhile, long-term relationships is the key to successful business. Who you know can be as important as what you know. This is why networking skills are so important. By improving your ability to network effectively you will create a pool of contacts (customers, suppliers, peers and mentors) that you can call upon to make your business run more smoothly. The skills you will develop on the course will help you to build good relationships with your colleagues and existing clients as well as help to expand your list of contacts.

People like to do business with people they trust and even in this electronic age there is still no substitute for meeting someone face to face. We will give you clear guidance on how to use English effectively in order to establish new long-term contacts. The skills you develop here will enable you to network effectively in a range of situations from dinner parties to conference coffee breaks, from chance meetings with influential people to networking online, from “breaking the ice” in meetings to starting negotiations effectively.

Turning Theory in Practice

This FR online course encourages participants to develop their language skills in situations and contexts relevant to their professional work. The program will be based around the needs of the participants, developing language skills through language analysis, role-plays and practice situations, vocabulary development and group and individual feedback. Practical language skills will be developed in the following contexts.

The principles of networking

Effective Communication

Language Development

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