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How we do it

What’s My
English Level?

Most Russian English learners have had some exposure to English either at school or university. Of course, every student has had a different English learning experience and has his or her unique learning interests and objectives. So, the first thing we do at FR for each student, in training jargon, is a “needs analysis”.

In simple terms, we test your English level online and through an informal live speaking assessment by one of our English instructors—for free. Once we know your English level, objectives and interests, we find the best teacher to provide your online classes: an experienced distance learning instructor who also helps you use our English e-learning platform (and apps) effectively and is your mentor throughout your FR program.

Your Dedicated
Language Coach

Our instructors are terrific professionals--young and enthusiastic--and are motivated to get you speaking English quickly. They are all trained on how to teach English specifically to Russian learners.

We don’t just refer you to a teacher, give you a password to our English e-learning software and then leave you alone; your instructor is also your dedicated language coach who works with you throughout your online program. Not only will you have a great online class, but your instructor/coach will personalize your self-study program: your coach will guide you to using our English e-learning platform effectively, how to work with other FR English language resources and “what you really need to do” to start speaking English effectively. That is, what you need to concentrate on to get the most out of your FR online program.

Your FR instructor is your mentor and a person who really wants you to speak English--and not just study.

Blended Learning

Learning English isn’t just about sitting in a classroom anymore. Today’s English learners have a wide range of educational technology (“EDTECH”) at their fingertips, literally. FR provides a whole new landscape for students to learn new English skills, practice those skills and assess their progress.

While EDTECH has certainly opened up a whole new type of learning, traditional methods still have a lot to offer and nothing matches the value or practicing your English speaking and listening skills with an experienced English teacher and through other means of practice—in person and online.

This is where FR’s blended earning comes in. This is our unique and proven methodology specifically devised for Russian English learners to be able to benefit from both educational technology and a great deal of English conversation practice.

Lots of Conversation Practice: Live and Online

This is What Makes Fluent Russia Really Effective.

We change the focus from studying English to actually speaking English.

We know that you can never speak English by just studying English. No matter how much you study. We get you speaking English by giving you real opportunities throughout the day, every day, to practice speaking English online and at live conversation clubs, events and activities throughout Russia: for free. So, how do you really learn to speak English? You have to speak it. And, keep doing so.

We are the complete opposite of learning English completely online or through an app. We get you speaking from your first class onwards. Socially.

The Awesome FR
English-Speaking Community

It’s not just your FR instructor from whom you learn to speak English: your fellow FR English learners will also be inspiring. Sometimes, one of the most helpful aspects of an FR course is meeting members of our community of likeminded English learners. FR ensures that all students get the benefit of their FR community colleagues, but without the pressure to be in the classroom at the same time.

FR’s social and collaborative English learning environment connects learners from all over Russia live and online, through our social media forum and through our many events and learning activities; our students become an integral part of an English language learning community with as many opportunities as you like to practice your newly acquired English language skills. Practice with other members of the FR community—online, through our social media forum and, in person, at FR’s English conversation, networking and social events all over the country.

Is My English Really
Getting Any Better?

How do you know if your English is really getting any better?

All FR courses include an initial placement test, periodic reviews and assessments and a final evaluation test at course completion. Assessment is key to motivation and accountability and we carry out two types of testing: Progress Testing (from your base entry point) and proficiency level testing indicating your specific English (CEFR or IELTS) language proficiency level.

You will receive a complete report with explanations of:

  • The level of your English speaking, listening comprehension, syntax, vocabulary and reading comprehension skills;
  • Skills gap overview;
  • Analysis of English business communication skill gaps; and
  • Insight into English communication strengths and problems.

Certificate of Proficiency

At the end of each course, every FR course participant receives a detailed and clear report with teacher feedback, evaluation and assessment.

Upon successful course completion, students also receive a signed Russian Ministry of Education- approved Certificate of Proficiency attesting to your CEFR English Proficiency Level.

Real Value

And, we keep your costs down, by running the administrative side of our business online. You don’t pay for local offices, administrators and other expenses.

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