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Our Teachers

What's so special about our teachers?

We hire only the best and most experienced distance learning English language teachers—

The skill and experience of your online English language teacher obviously has a substantial impact on the success of your training. In our opinion, this is the most important component of any successful online language training program. We invest substantial effort and money in recruiting and motivating our team of professional online English language teachers-- because our clients deserve the best.

FluentRussia teachers are all university-educated teachers of English. All FR students have direct access to his or her dedicated teacher/coach 24/7 and they stay with their personal coach throughout their course. The unique FR coaching service supports students and keeps motivation high with daily and/or weekly assignments, individual feedback, performance support, regular progress updates and even performance calls.

FR’s active coaching can be personalized to the learner’s specific industry, profession or role in the organization.

Instant Coaching

Why wait for a lesson? If you select our Instant Coaching option, FR can bring real-time English language feedback and support right to you. Your teacher can be available 24/7 to deal with all of your learning and course related issues. Instant Coaching is available– anytime, anywhere and on any device.


During the design and level assessment phases of each course, you receive a profile of the trainer before the course starts.


Our Russian-educated teachers are just great; they all have Russian pedagogical university degrees in teaching English (or other languages) specifically to Russian-speakers and a minimum of five years of actual language teaching experience.

They are superb at teaching all proficiency levels up to, and including, High Upper Intermediate levels. Many have advanced English language teaching degrees from internationally-recognized universities, including Oxford, St. Andrews, Kings College, London and the University of Pennsylvania.


Our native-speaking English instructors specialize in distance learning teaching to more advanced learners. All have CELTA or other international teaching qualifications and extensive online teaching qualifications with specific experience of teaching, for example, English to Russian speakers: our international instructors are real teaching professionals and not simply English speaking expats or students without any real professional teaching experience or teaching aptitude.


Our instructors are adaptive and flexible to the needs of their students. Their empathy and experience in understanding student levels allows them to present and adapt the online curriculum to the learning styles and scoring levels of the class. At the class level, the instructor will take into account test scores, class participation, homework progress, and student needs and then adapt the class to the scoring levels of the students.

Instructors also adapt the curriculum to the individual student and can provide an individualized, optimal study plan for each student. If you’re studying online in a group, we only have mini-groups--generally no more than four students-- so our instructors have a much easier time adapting to individual student scoring levels and needs. With a FR instructor, you get focused, custom tailored, online instruction.

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