Our Story    
How We Do It    


FLUENTRUSSIA was formed and is managed by a team of experienced Russian and British language teaching professionals and educational technology specialists who believe there is a better (and less expensive) way for Russians to learn English and acquire other critical English communication and career skills.

How It All Began

In 2005, we began teaching English (and other languages) very differently in Moscow and throughout the country: We formed FLUENTRUSSIA/ dialog to provide language and communication skills training to the corporate market. Dialog is now the largest provider of corporate language training in the country —teaching English to over 10,000 Russian and international corporate personnel in twenty Russian cities and in London, Astana, Shanghai, Vienna and New York— with a list of corporate clients that includes the Russian business units of the world's largest international companies as well as many leading Russian industrial, consumer, financial and energy businesses.

We were never just about providing language classes: In fact, we did much more by offering an English learning and speaking environment and English language-oriented events where students could actually learn to speak English by actually practicing English for free and having fun doing so.

Russian and international companies called us the best language school in Russia because we eliminated everything traditional language schools did that made learning English difficult and incredibly expensive: no ridiculously high rates, no inexperienced native speaking instructors who weren't really teachers, no extra charges for speaking practice and no charge for online self- study. We became the language school of choice of the corporate market and this important market took advantage of our great classes, awesome teachers, free speaking practice and free English-speaking events.

Where We Are Now

FLUENTRUSSIA/mycity was formed in 2017 to offer Russian-speaking individuals, throughout the country, the same high-quality language training which FR now provides to students who participate in it its corporate English language programs: that is, FR was formed to meet the needs of the millions of Russians who want to learn English and English communication skills but are unable to do so because of high costs and other barriers to effective English language instruction.

Learning English with FR certainly isn’t just about attending classes and sitting in front of your computer memorizing grammar rules and learning vocabulary. Today’s FR English learners have access to a wide range of new and innovative FR educational technology applications, including the beconnected English social learning platform which, in tandem, offer unique learning content and 24/7 opportunities to practice speaking English. The digital world has provided a whole new landscape for all FR English language students to learn new skills, practice them and assess their own progress.

FR’s educational technology has certainly opened up a whole new type of learning. However, traditional teaching methods still have an awful lot to offer. Though classroom and online lessons offer huge benefits for language learners, they still find it difficult to top the value of practicing speaking and listening language skills with an experienced English instructor. And we’ve added a wide array of “out of the classroom” English language oriented events and activities that get you speaking English while doing something that you enjoy and meeting new people—members of the FR community throughout the Russian speaking world.

And, the FR community of English speakers provides many opportunities to interact in English in both social and professional situations. Our students “get it” and understand that by being active in the English learning process, and most importantly, speaking English, whenever and wherever, they are twice as likely to learn to speak English effectively and confidently than their non-social counterparts.

FR’s General Director is Ekaterina Ezdina, a successful entrepreneur and, foremost, an accomplished Russian language teacher and educator. Ekaterina can always be reached at: Ekaterina.ezdina@fluentrussia.co.uk Our Director of Studies is Stephanie Belcher from London who can be reached at: stephaniemichellebelcher@fluentrussia.co.uk