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Transparent pricing

Our transparent, upfront pricing is as simple as it gets.
No registration or hidden fees. No unexpected charges.

All FLUENTRUSSIA all language, communication skills and career development courses include, free of charge, access to beconnected, the FR English social learning platform, free in-person and live online English speaking practice, free communications skills classes and the full range of FR English speaking activities and events.

All classes are customized for the individual student or group and are priced according to a number of factors including the level of specialized teacher experience required, the time of day of the class and number of classes in the program. Please email us with your specific English learning objectives and we will get back to you within twenty-four hours with a customized price proposal.

Here are some other things that you should know about FR’s pricing policies:

  • As our groups are small and as we only hire experienced Russian-trained and native speaking English instructors, our teachers’ salaries account for a higher percentage of the cost of the class. Our teachers’ hourly salaries are fixed and, for this reason, we are unable to negotiate our rates--which are already lower than other providers--schools that only provide classroom and/or online instruction without any of the “out-of-the classroom” learning essentials that FR provides free of charge.

    In order to receive FR’s best rates, students should keep the following variables in mind:
    • The more specialized the English language or communication skills course, the higher the cost to you as we need to pay teachers a higher hourly rate for their advanced industry or communication skills knowledge and experience;
    • We offer lower prices for classes held during off-peak hours—usually 10:00 through 16:30 (Moscow time) during the week and anytime over the weekend;
    • The more classes you commit to, the cheaper the per class price. As we pay our teachers less per hour for a guaranteed number of teaching hours, we pass these savings on to you; and
    • Experienced native-fluent English teachers command a higher rate than Russian-trained professionals. For proficiency levels Intermediate and below, you may wish to consider a Russian-trained English teaching professional.

  • All of our fixed-hour courses require payment in full prior to the start of the course; for on- going classes, payment for a minimum of one month of classes in advance is required.

  • While we hope that you will attend every class, we know that sometimes things come up. If you absolutely must miss a class, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance and we will reschedule the class at no cost. Late cancellations cannot be rescheduled as we need to pay for the teacher’s time if a cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the class start time.