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About this Online Workshop

You’re fed up with your job, can’t stand your boss and dream of running your own business. Contrary to the popular rhetoric that says, “quit your day job, start a business and travel the world”, the smartest thing you could do is keep your job and start a business on the side. Some of the best businesses started this way.

Join other creative Russian professionals for an information-packed online workshop designed to give you a thorough overview of what it takes to start a side business. Know what first steps to take, avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, and learn the key characteristics of successful side businesses and their creative owners.

This is for you if you want to explore what it means to launch your creative business idea and or if you’re ready to share your product or services with the world at large. This class is ideal for creative, multi-passionate, working professionals with a full time job who are tired of their single track career and want to explore new paths and trajectories while testing out their entrepreneur mettle.


Gain lots of resources, tips and tricks to help you get started quickly.

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