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It’s all about speaking English –
and not just studying English

Our fundamental teaching approach recognizes that learning to speak English cannot be effective if students just attend classes or study online. Learning English requires actually speaking English. Whenever and wherever students can. FR gives your personnel numerous opportunities throughout the day, every day, to actually speak English—in- person and live online through your company’s dedicated English social learning platform.

Free and unlimited access to live in-person and online English speaking practice.

We really understand that it is simply not worth the student’s time (or the company’s money) for an English learner to simply attend a language class twice a week with no real opportunities to practice speaking English. Neither studying English nor, for that matter, "learning" English is a sufficient reason to spend your company’s training dollars.

The only important outcomes are: (1) whether your personnel can actually speak and write effectively in English; and (2) whether this proficiency can be credibly and measurably documented. While this may appear obvious, many language schools are oblivious to this necessity and have lost sight of their job: to get students speaking English - not just sending a teacher to a class twice a week.

At FR, we change the focus from studying English to actually speaking English in order to actually communicate in English. We teach students how to speak English in everyday work and social situations and provide numerous opportunities for them to practice speaking –live and online-- helping them to quickly gain confidence speaking English. We do so at no additional charge to the client or student.

This is how we do it:

Live and In-Person

  • English Conversation Clubs held in your company’s premises (or elsewhere)—exclusively for your company’s personnel;

  • Weekly Conversation Clubs held all over Moscow for all FR students and their friends and business colleagues;

  • Regularly scheduled English Movie Nights with discussion and vocabulary building;

  • Regularly scheduled networking parties—in English, course;

  • Regularly scheduled special English speaking events and activities for all FR students. Check out: Moscow Speaks English 2018 and our June 14, 2018 World Cup Party;

  • Weekend Pop- Up English conversation parties held by our corporate clients and open to all FR students and friends; and

  • English Communication Skills and Career Development Workshops.

Through Your Company’s Dedicated .beconnected Video Learning Platform

  • Four FRTV Open English Speaking/Conversation Channels

    • English Conversation Practice with Company Colleagues;

    • English Conversation Practice with Professional/Industry Colleagues; and

    • Conversation Practice with Members of the FR English Speaking Community all over Russia. (Two Channels)

  • Regularly Scheduled Lunchtime Conversation Practice on FRTV Channel 2