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Individual Training

Practical, customized individual training that works.

Private language lessons are the quickest and most intensive way to learn a language or to improve your students’ English language skills. The format of the lessons is totally determined by the needs and desires of the company and student. The hours of the course are flexible which make it possible to schedule courses together with other course options. Private English lessons provide your personnel with the individual attention that they need so that they can learn at their own pace, in their own way and at a time that they choose.

FLUENTRUSSIA’s Individual Programs were developed following extensive research into learning trends and feedback from our corporate clients. Each participant's English language course focuses entirely on his or her own individual needs and learning style.

FLUENTRUSSIA’s Private Instruction is our most flexible language learning program, customized exclusively to your needs and set at a pace designed to accommodate their busy lifestyle. Your instructor will develop a personalized learning plan specifically designed to meet your objectives and time frame. Progress at their own comfortable speed helps ensure their studies are useful and relevant to your company’s goals and objectives.

Choose Face-to-Face Private Instruction for your personnel if you:

  • Prefer personalized instruction and more scheduling flexibility;
  • Would like to achieve objectives by finishing programs quickly;
  • Prefer flexible scheduling to accommodate company priorities;
  • Like to learn at student’s own pace- deciding how fast or slow to take this course; and
  • Want maximum opportunities to speak and practice their new language skills.

Why is it so effective?

  • Prior to your student’s course a detailed Needs Analysis is carried out in order to assess your student’s training requirements and current level of English;
  • Realistic objectives are set at the beginning of the course and progress towards them is continually reviewed;
  • A small team of trainers is responsible for designing and implementing your individual course;
  • Your student will be fully engaged in learning Business English through a variety of activities, including case studies, role-plays, simulation and grammar exercises.
  • We encourage you to bring authentic materials to make your course as relevant to your professional life as possible.
  • A Personal Learning Plan helps focus on effective learning;
  • Integrated Personal Study develops individual learning strategies and encourages independent learning during and after your course;
  • A Post-Course Task will help you to consolidate the English learned; and
  • A final Course Report gives your company clear details of progress made and recommendations for further study.