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Free and unlimited access to over 20 live and online English speaking practice sessions per week.

We really understand that it is simply not worth the student’s time (or the company’s money) for an English learner to simply attend a language class twice a week with no real opportunities to practice speaking English. Neither studying English nor, for that matter, "learning" English is a sufficient reason to spend your company’s training dollars. The only important outcomes are: (1) whether your personnel can actually speak and write effectively in English; and (2) whether this proficiency can be credibly and measurably documented. While this may appear obvious, many language schools are oblivious to this necessity and have lost sight of their job: to get students speaking English - not just sending a teacher to a class twice a week.

At Dialog, we change the focus from studying English to actually speaking English in order to actually communicate in English. We teach students how to speak (and write) English in everyday work and social situations and provide numerous opportunities for them to practice speaking–live and online-helping them to quickly gain confidence speaking English. We do so at no additional charge to the client or student.

We offer almost twenty live and online events a week - all of which emphasize English conversation, listening, comprehension and writing practice. Dialog’s English language learners practice speaking English in class, at our many Starbucks and in-company Conversation and Writing Clubs, English Movie Nights, business communication Master Classes and at our many free cultural and social events.

Other Free Stuff

We understand that our clients are often unable to accommodate all company personnel who would like English language training. As your company - and not the student - is our client, we recognize our obligation to improving the English language skills of your entire company and we do so effectively by providing all personnel - not just designated language students - the opportunity to improve these critical language skills.

  • We do so by offering a wide range of company-oriented, language learning activities including a company-dedicated English e-learning platform and mobile applications—for example; “.beconnecetd EXXONMOBIL”. We will build and maintain, at no charge to the client, this dedicated online English learning platform consisting of a wide array of proprietary English language training materials developed by Dialog and links to the best English language learning sites on the web. This platform is available to students and to all personnel employees at no charge; it is a powerful resource that further ensures that your company’s training dollars are well spent; Available anywhere, anytime. At no additional cost to the company.

In addition to our free speaking practice and conversation clubs for all, the following language- oriented activities and events are available to our corporate clients’ students and all company personnel:

  • Access to company-specific, student -dedicated e-learning English language website: (Language Oriented Cultural and Social Events;
  • Language-oriented cultural, social and networking events including, MOSCOW SPEAKS ENGLISH 2017 and St. Petersburg English Theater productions;
  • Regularly Scheduled Communication Skills Master Classes;
  • Monthly email newsletter newsletters with vocabulary building and reading comprehension exercises including: “theheadsup and “Focus…on Business English”;
  • English Language Help Lines;
  • Writing Clubs and online writing practice;
  • Industry-specific Vocabulary Skills Training; and
  • English Language Movie Nights.